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118 EAST 26TH STREET, #204


I am a Minneapolis based hypnotherapist specializing strength and mindfulness for daily living. With more than 20 years of experience I've been working with individuals and groups to assist them in attaining their goals of physical, mental and emotional optimization. Hypnosis is for everyone.


Sports Performance

achieve the next level with a competitive edge

There have been many studies that support the use of hypnosis when it comes to sports performance. Through visualization and repetition, teams and individuals can achieve mastery of movement and skill. 

Since the beginning of my practice I have worked with boxers, golfers, skiers, tennis players, pitchers and swimmers. They have all reported marked improvement though just a few sessions and also noted that the experience made their sports much more enjoyable too. 

The ability to cognitively slow down our perception of time allows us to see how each subtle movement in weight and balance can enhance our activity. This combined with reigning in that negative, self-defeating talk is a perfect way to out perform the competition.

Josh was a tremendous help to me in getting over some mental blocks that were holding back my performance and power. He got me back in the ring and gave me the edge I needed to to win back my title."

- LB