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I am a Minneapolis based hypnotherapist specializing strength and mindfulness for daily living. With more than 20 years of experience I've been working with individuals and groups to assist them in attaining their goals of physical, mental and emotional optimization. Hypnosis is for everyone.


Smoking Cessation

Time to let it go.

It's an old nasty habit and everybody knows it. More and more people are saying no voluntary lung and body pollution. 

Increase your level of energy, regain your sense of taste and smell while reminding yourself of who is in control of your choices and behavior. It's you! YOU CAN QUIT!! I've seen it happen many many times. Clients often ask how many sessions it will take to quit smoking. It really depends on how long you've been smoking and how ready you are to quit. Hypnosis is a practice but I generally recommend between 3 and 5 sessions.

I cannot make a guarantee about any of my services due to the nature of all hypnosis being self hypnosis but it can and does work most of the time with drive and motivation to manifest positive change in one's life. 

After 20+ years as a smoker and too many attempts to quit to even keep track of, I finally decided to try hypnosis as a last-ditch attempt.

After working with Josh, who is quite personable and good at putting a person at ease, I found it EASY (I can’t believe I”m saying that!) to quit. Well, at least a whole heck of a lot easier. The cravings became few and far between and much easier to manage. I feel more in control of whether or not I decide to smoke again. I feel like smoking is a thing of the past for me, something I used to do, even though its only been 3 weeks. I would recommend Josh Sundby to anyone in need of a little push to get something they’ve been struggling with beat!


"I was at a point in my life that I knew I didn't want to be a smoker anymore, but I felt I couldn't quit on my own. Never having been hypnotized before, I was a bit skeptical that it would work, but I trusted Josh and he made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. I was easily a pack a day smoker, sometimes up to 2 packs if I was drinking, and now it has been over 4 years without a single cigarette and no cravings. It is by far the best thing I have done for myself!"

- Gretchen

“I smoked for over 13 years, I tried everything to quit and I would always start up again with a few drinks at the bar. I got hypnotized and haven’t smoked in 3 years the best part is that I don’t even think about it. it just doesn’t cross my mind, only when I am like wow I can’t believe I ever smoked! Thanks Josh!”

- Ross G.