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118 EAST 26TH STREET, #204


I am a Minneapolis based hypnotherapist specializing strength and mindfulness for daily living. With more than 20 years of experience I've been working with individuals and groups to assist them in attaining their goals of physical, mental and emotional optimization. Hypnosis is for everyone.


Nail Biting

don't eat your self, love yourself


Habits like nail biting are pretty simple to alleviate in most cases. Consciously we all know how undesirable it is to be constantly picking and biting but on a subconscious level, there are soothing aspects of the behavior.

Hypnotherapy is a very strong tool that can be applied to all unfortunate behavioral habits. Aligning the subconscious with the conscious. 

“I have seen Josh for several different things and most recently I referred him to my wife to help her stop chewing her fingernails. It may seem small but it was a habit that lasted over 25 years. I’m amazed at the power of hypnotherapy. She has stopped and it has truly added to our quality of life. Thanks Josh.”

- Mandell W